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Paula Sargent
Ashland, Kentucky

After hearing a missionary speak, Paula Sargent wanted to find a way to use the JESUS Film to reach her community. The result was a collaborative community-wide event.

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A nudge from God began my involvement with JESUS Film Harvest Partners. John Cunningham visited Ashland First Church of the Nazarene, where I am on staff. As he spoke to my Sunday school class, I was amazed so many people, including myself, had not seen the film. A spark began. We learned the JESUS Film is an incredible tool to bring people to Christ all around the world. I couldn't shake the idea that God is able to use the JESUS Film in Ashland, Kentucky, as He uses it in other countries to reach the lost for Christ. The spark grew into a flame as God burdened my heart with the showing of this film.


After many months of praying and planning, on April 21, 2011 the JESUS Film was shown free of charge to the public at the Paramount Theatre in Ashland, Kentucky. The venue was only the beginning of God's provision. Advertising was secured for zero cost in the three tri-state papers and local radio stations. A billboard was secured for half the normal price. Door prizes and banners were donated. Tickets were printed. If that wasn't enough, the city donated two of their buses to transport people to and from the event! Nearly three hundred people came to see the film and an eight year-old boy came forward to accept Christ! Praise God! A JESUS Film showing will now be an annual event in Ashland, KY! We believe God will move in a mighty way each year! Please keep Ashland First Church of the Nazarene in your prayers as we continue to use the JESUS Film to reach the people in our community!

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