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Greg Nash, Children’s Pastor
Gallatin, Tennessee

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The children of the Tennessee District are joining forces to raise $6,000 for their 2010-2011 Children’s Mission Project. Project Coordinator and Children’s Pastor, Greg Nash, of the Gallatin, Tennessee Church of the Nazarene is spearheading the drive to engage children in reaching those who do not know Christ. The project will raise money to send a set of JESUS Film equipment to a team in a country where they wish to reach the lost with God’s love. 

Below is a recent request received from West Africa concerning an urgent need for sets of equipment. 

Greetings from West Africa!  We have just completed leadership and vision meetings for an exciting West Africa Field. To carry on with the vision and church planting, we have need for 18 new sets of equipment in nine countries spread across 16 districts that are divided into large geographical zones. Out of the 18 sets, six are pressing needs. Out of these six sets, two are most urgent.  

In an area referred to as the “Corridor” (consisting of Togo, Benin and Niger), the church is growing rapidly and we want to aid leaders to accomplish their mission. In Niger, leaders are ready to increase the pace of church planting but there are problems getting JESUS Film equipment across the Niger border for use in the country. They need a set that can be used in Niger without having to cross borders.  Another need in the “Corridor” is to reach unreached zones of Northern Benin and Northern Togo. 

I am sharing these needs with you, in case you have contact with donors who would like to share in the exciting work in West Africa.

Thanks and God bless.    

In West Africa, people sit in darkness waiting for something unknown—the light of God’s love—to illuminate their lives. People wait to hear Jesus speak to them in their heart language. Around the world people wait...wait for a JESUS Film team to help them understand how to fill the void in their souls. 

In the next fiscal year (2010-2011), children in churches across the Tennessee District will help light the darkness through their commitment to provide a set of equipment to a JESUS Film team that engages in Kingdom work. Pastor Nash has offered the following suggestions to involve children in this type of project. 


  • Run the project for only one or two months; momentum and interest will fade with a longer timeframe. 
  • Create a little competition and offer prizes to children.
  • Make sure the children have a thorough understanding of the project.
  • Give the children a project explanation card that they can refer to when asking for donations.
  • Encourage the children to seek out neighbors and family members who do not go to church with them, as well as church members, for donations.
  • Throw a celebration party for all of the children who participated in the project.

A Few Ideas: 

  • Break your goal down into manageable units that will make it fun and easy to track.
    • Divide your goal by the number of minutes in the JESUS Film. Then sell minutes of the JESUS Film. A $500 goal and a 120 minute movie come to $4.17 per minute. Play up the point of needing to show the entire JESUS Film; we can’t leave off the last 10 minutes! Track your progress by stretching out a reel of movie film and ticking off minutes to your goal.
    • Pick a country and determine the distance from your town to the country.  Divide your goal by the number of miles and this time sell miles to your destination. Talk about needing to get the JESUS Film to that country…We can’t leave it sitting on a ship unable to go any further. Use a map and a dotted line to track your progress.
  • Make sure that you track your progress in a place where the entire church can see it (bulletin board, special display in the church foyer, etc.). 
  • Have an all-church viewing of the JESUS Film and sell concessions to go towards your goal. You could also do a home movie night where everyone brings a funny home movie to share.  Again, sell concessions to raise money. To order a copy of the JESUS Film, go to here.
  • The children can do various work projects together or individually to raise money towards your goal.
  • Special offerings are always great (and appreciated), but we can be more creative than that!  We also want to make sure we are getting our children involved and thinking about how they can make a difference NOW!