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Greg Nash, Children’s Pastor
Gallatin, Tennessee

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Children’s Pastor Greg Nash wanted the kids to know they can make a difference even at a young age. They began a community campaign to celebrate the 100th denominational birthday while giving tools to others to share about God’s love for each of us.

Celebrating 100 Years with 311 “GOL” Soccer Balls

Paper soccer balls, each representing a $10 donation, decorate the windows of Gallatin First Church of the Nazarene in Gallatin, Tennessee. The children of the church are learning what it means to love Jesus and love others. Twenty children raised $3110.62 and contributed the first funds toward purchasing soccer balls for global distribution to reach children and youth. These aren’t just any soccer balls as the Gallatin children can explain. The multi-color ball is used to share the gospel: black represents sin; red is the pure blood of Christ; gold represents the holiness of God; white is a pure heart before God; and green is growing in God’s way. The concept is so simple even a child can share the message. Children’s Pastor Greg Nash said, “One second grader explained how and why the soccer balls are needed by sharing the meaning of each color when asking for a donation.”

Pastor Nash said, “The focus of the project was to let the kids know that at their age, they can make a difference.” The kick off included a contest for the child raising the most money and for the child getting the most individuals to participate. A main emphasis was to let others outside the church know about the project. By the end of the contest, one child said, “It’s not about winning, I did my best. I have to get these balls in the hands of people to tell them about Jesus.” These young world changers celebrated their success by praying over the paper soccer balls which hung on the church windows. They know the balls will have a global impact on lives changed for Jesus.




JESUS Film Harvest Partner’s, Children’s Ministries International, Nazarene Youth International and Global Missions are joining forces to make this a global outreach program. Soccer camps using the “GOL” evangelism balls will be held around the world. In conjunction with the camps, the JESUS Film teams will have film viewings and work to establish new mission churches in each location. You can be part of this project by praying for the coordinators of the soccer camps or make a donation to the project by writing “JFHP AHE 1023” in the memo line of your check and mail to JESUS Film, 15055 W. 116th Street, Olathe, KS 66062. Online giving is also available at