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The Story of Jesus the Nazarene (Booklet 1) has a one to two page introduction and ending; all the rest are gospel stories (mainly Luke with additions from the other gospels ending with Acts 2) that are organized in biographical order and can be read like a book about Jesus. As we are working in areas where people don’t have a Bible and most have no idea about its content in the first place this is an absolute necessity to help them learn about Jesus and grow in their faith. 
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The Way of Jesus the Nazarene (Booklet 2) explains the basic tenets of living a Christian life – how to read your Bible, how to pray, how to serve others, etc. Each chapter contains a number of questions that encourage readers to consider what they have studied and challenges them to implement what they have learned the following week. 
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Life with Jesus the Nazarene (Booklet 3) explains how you can start a church in your home and what the necessities are to do that intelligently and biblically. It also includes what is not needed for a new church (e.g. a sanctuary or holy building). 
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