"In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now..."

Philippians 1: 4 - 5

Anything is possible through Kingdom partnership! We can do more together than separately. This month's testimonies illustrate how important partnerships are in sharing the message of Christ!

Please note: Prayer updates will now be delivered monthly instead of weekly. We appreciate any feedback you would like to provide on this change.

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Praise God!

  • For the 25 partnerships we have made since 1997 that allow us to collaborate for the growth of God's Kingdom!

February 1 - 7


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for the JESUS Film team members and their families as they travel many miles from village to village, showing the JESUS film.
  • More than 60% of Zimbabweans live in rural areas, creating a challenge for teams planting churches. Pray more team members will be called to this humble but vital task.
  • Hundreds of thousands of migrants live in cities and are seeking non-existent jobs. Pray for teams as they outreach to many people groups and minister to the unemployed.
“I am a former member of the liberation army,” said Mugande. “I am now a businessman in my community. However, I used my authority to terrorize my village and rape young girls. After watching the JESUS film, I accepted Christ into my heart and life and now am a completely changed man. The people in my village were shocked but thrilled I am now living for Christ. I have given property with a building to the church. Everyone is pleased to now have a place to worship God.”

February 8 - 14


Prayer Points:
  • Large areas of the country remain under the control of criminal organizations and drug cartels. This makes JESUS Film teams vulnerable to hostility. Pray for peace.
  • Bogotá has one of the highest numbers of street children of any Latin America city, numbering in the thousands. Pray for the teams to introduce the gospel to these special children and for their many physical needs to be met.
  • Over half of the population is under age 25. Pray that teams can successfully reach the younger generation.
Colombia team #8 report: "Through the compassion of the JESUS Film team and other church members, medical and dental care was provided in a neighborhood, along with haircuts and nail grooming. These were provided as the JESUS Film team was sharing about Jesus through the EvangeCube and showing the JESUS film. As people saw the care given for their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs, many gave their hearts and lives to Christ. Several discipleship classes are now meeting in different homes in this neighborhood."

February 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for JESUS Film team members and their families, as villagers are not always receptive to the team and the film they show.
  • There are 292 groups of people in Bangladesh who are unreached. This represents nearly 160 million people who still need Christ in their lives.
  • Bangladesh is very vulnerable to changes in the climate. Pray for protection and wisdom as the people face many difficulties following frequent flooding and natural disasters.
"A man helped us show the JESUS film in his village. People were intently watching the life of Christ and were greatly touched by His sacrifice on the cross. The villagers wanted to learn more about Christ, so we distributed booklets “The Story of Jesus the Nazarene” to those who could read. Through watching the JESUS film, reading this booklet, and attending discipleship classes, many have given their hearts and lives to Christ and now want to be baptized. They continue to grow in their faith as they attend the Preaching Point which has begun in their village."

February 22 - 28


Prayer Points:
  • Praise God the JESUS film has been viewed by the majority of the population and continues to have an impact on reaching people for Christ. Pray that even more people may hear and understand through this ministry.
  •  There is a great lack of Bibles and Christian literature in the country. Pray that teams are able to equip and resource existing and new believers.
Report from Liberia Team #1: "We were pleased to begin the JESUS Film ministry in a new area where 80% of the people were from one tribe. They were thrilled to watch the life of Christ and have Jesus speak their own language! After watching the JESUS film, one couple who was separated for three years is now back together! Another man who has not attended church for over five years is now attending church again! This man has offered to sell a piece of his land to the church."