"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile."

Romans 1:16

There are 150 JESUS Film teams evangelizing, discipling, and planting churches throughout five countries in Eurasia. The work of the Church is expanding exponentially in South Asia, thanks to the JESUS film and other evangelism tools. God gets the glory!

Thank you for your continued prayers for these teams as they boldly proclaim the Good News of Christ in areas that are not always conducive to their message of hope and peace through Christ!

Save or print this email and join us in prayer for JESUS Film teams this month!

Praise God!

  • For the 19.4 MILLION evangelistic contacts made in the Eurasia Region throughout the course of the ministry.
  • For more than 4.3 MILLION precious people who have made a decision to follow Christ in the Eurasia Region the last 21 years. Over 85% have received discipleship follow-up!



Prayer Points:
  • The Nepal teams have requested prayer for safe travels to remote villages where vehicles cannot go and electricity is scarce.
  • Several teams have requested new JESUS Film equipment to replace non-working equipment. Pray that God provides new equipment soon.
  • Leadership training is one of the most urgent needs for the Church in Nepal. Pray the discipleship classes begun after showing the JESUS film will help create future leaders in the Church.

Nepal Team #2: “I was paralyzed from birth," said Sirjana. "I am the second child of twelve in my family. My family and our whole village worshipped nature.” When we arrived in Sirjana’s village to show the JESUS film, the head villager refused to give permission to show the film. He told us we would be beaten if we showed the film. We prayed for God to give us strength and courage. God heard our prayer and the head villager apologized and allowed the film to be shown. All of the viewers were happy to watch the film. Many received peace in their hearts and were delivered from worshipping nature. After watching the film, Sirjana gave her heart and life to Christ. She believed God could heal her body from the paralysis she has had since birth. God has now healed her and she can walk! 




Prayer Points:
  • Each Pakistani JESUS Film team requests prayer for safety as they travel in their ministry. Their ministry areas can turn volatile in a moment’s notice!
  • Persecution and violence are a reality for many Christ-followers. Pray they will be strong to stand against these daily threats to their lives.
  • Over 350 people groups in Pakistan have never been reached with the gospel. Pakistan is the world’s second-largest concentration of unengaged unevangelized peoples in the world. Pray for JESUS Film teams to reach these people groups.
"I was friends with wizards. I was not interested in becoming a wizard, but as the Bible says, 'You will become as the company you keep'. They taught me magic. I was working with the devil and destroyed many lives and families. Gradually, I forgot God and left my family because they didn’t approve of my lifestyle. When the JESUS Film team showed the film in a village where I was doing black magic, I decided to watch the film. God spoke to me saying ‘I made you to worship Me. I gave my Son to die on the cross for your sins!’ These words touched my heart. I confessed my sins and promised never to do magic again. Jesus forgave me. My life has changed. I returned to my family and live a blessed life with them!” —Imran, 32-years-old

DECEMBER 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Each JESUS Film team in Sri Lanka requests prayer for their ministry as they show the JESUS film to the 22 million people living throughout the island.
  • Persecution of Christ-followers continues to be sporadic, but intense. Pray for those being persecuted to remain strong in their faith and forgive their persecutors.
  • There remain many thousands of Sri Lankan villages where there is no Christian presence or church. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to reach these villages with the Good News through the JESUS film.
Sri Lanka Team #21: "While showing the JESUS film in his village, we met Jeewan. He was educated, but had friends who were a bad influence on his life. He became very sick and was admitted to a hospital. Because of this, his friends left him. He was helpless and lonely. He thought of killing himself. However, while he watched the JESUS film, he realized Christ loved him and died for him! We prayed for him and are now discipling him as he grows in his faith."

DECEMBER 22 - 31


Prayer Points:
  • The Bangladesh JESUS Film teams request your prayer for their safety as they travel to nearly 600 villages to show the JESUS film.
  • Pray for safety for the new believers who attend the Preaching Points started after the film is shown in their village.
  • The country suffers annual flooding with great loss of life and property. Pray for those who are affected by these tragic events to find hope and help.
Bangladesh Team #66: "Jagamohan helped us show the JESUS film in his village. While we showed the film, three people from a radical religious group threatened us and insisted we leave the village. They believed we were forcing people who worship many gods and goddesses to follow Christ. We denied their allegation. They attacked Jagamohan, who called the local leader. We stopped the film. When the local leader arrived, he asked the viewers if they were forced to watch the film and follow Christ. When they said no, he gave us permission to continue the film. The viewers very intently watched the life of Christ and were thrilled to see the miracles Jesus performed!"