"I will send some...to the distant islands that have not
heard of my fame or seen my glory."

Isaiah 66:19

As a Prayer Partner, you play a vital part in sharing the love and hope of Christ with the lost, lonely, and hurting in more than 139 countries around the world.

Please pray throughout April for the 191 JESUS Film teams in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Since the beginning of the ministry, these energetic teams have shown the JESUS film 44,740 times to 4,640,313 people with 325,332 making a decision to follow Christ!

Please note: Prayer updates will now be delivered monthly instead of weekly. We appreciate any feedback you would like to provide on this change.

Save or print this email and join us in prayer for JESUS Film teams this month!

Praise God!

  • For the safe return of the East Valley Church Ministry Trip team members who recently ministered in Panama.
  • For the faithfulness of those who recently attended the Central Florida World Challenge.

April 1 - 7


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for the transportation needs of the JESUS Film teams to be answered.
  • Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with widespread unemployment. Pray for the JESUS Film teams as they share Christ with needy people.
  • The country's biggest problems are socio-economic issues, such as children at risk, HIV/AIDS, and gang violence. Pray for the JESUS film to touch the hearts and lives of hurting Hondurans.
“I was a gang member who was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol. I was surprised someone would invite me to a JESUS film showing, since I was covered in tattoos! I accepted the invitation to watch the life of Christ. Afterwards, I gave Jesus my heart and life! God changed my life dramatically, and I now live for Christ. I praise God for the forgiveness He has extended to me after my life of drugs, alcohol, and crime.”   - New believer, Honduras

April 8 - 14


Prayer Points:
  • The massive drug trade and gang violence that accompanies it are pervasive in Mexican culture. Pray the JESUS Film teams will reach the people involved in drugs and gangs.
  • There are over 800,000 homeless children living on the streets, especially in Mexico City. Pray the JESUS Film teams will have an opportunity to share the Good News with them.
“I have lived a wild life in drugs and alcohol. Because of this, my wife abandoned me. We have no children because my wife aborted them! One night, I was driving my car with my drug buddies when I lost control and drove into telephone and electrical poles. I was taken to the hospital and thought I would die. When I was released from the hospital, I had an opportunity to watch the JESUS film. After watching, I now have a new life as I accepted Christ into my heart! God has given me a second chance, so I plan to live the rest of my life for Christ.”  - José, Mexico

April 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for the health and stamina of the JESUS Film teams and their families.
  • Because of its strategic location and the Canal, Panama is a melting pot of many races and faiths. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to reach all the different groups of people in Panama.
“I drank alcohol and developed a hernia, both of which greatly affected my life and relationship with my wife. My relationship with my children was also a disaster. My wife and I were invited to see the JESUS film. Seeing the life of Christ totally changed my life, as I gave my heart to Jesus, along with the rest of my family! My family and I plan to live for Christ the rest of our lives!” - New brother in Christ, 40-years-old, Panama

April 22 - 30

Dominican Republic

Prayer Points:
  • As many as 4,000 villages still have no evangelical witness. Pray for more people to join the JESUS Film teams to reach them.
  • Pray for the teams as they share the JESUS film in places where crime is prevalent and the team's safety is at risk.
  • Praise God the church is rapidly growing - more than 200 Preaching Points were planted last year!

“Everyone thought I was a Christian because I looked and acted like a Christian, but I was not. I thought I was doing fine. I didn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and didn’t think I needed Christ in my life. I heard the Gospel preached many times, but never accepted Christ into my heart. I now realize I lived in darkness for many years. God began calling me through dreams and visions. After watching the JESUS film, God spoke to my heart, ‘If you have nothing keeping you from coming to Me, why don’t you come?’ I then realized the biggest obstacle keeping me from Him was myself! I gave Jesus my heart. I now want to live the rest of my life serving God!”  - New believer, Dominican Republic