"Exalt the name of the Lord, the God of Israel,

in the islands of the sea."

Isaiah 24:15b

In the last 21 years, JESUS Film teams in Mesoamerica (Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean) have reached more than 4.8 million people with the gospel!

Praise God for the 204 teams faithfully serving throughout Mesoamerica. Since the beginning of the ministry, more than 70% of the 345,600 new believers in this region have attended discipleship classes!

Praise God!

  • For the faithfulness of those who attended the Charleston, SC World Challenge event last month.
  • For the equipment now in the hands of a JESUS Film team in Panama, thanks to faithful partners from Arizona.
  • For the leadership and faithfulness of the JFHP Board of Directors as they recently met together.
  • For the blessings and good conversations that came from Regional JESUS Film Coordinator meetings last month.

April 1 - 7

Dominican Republic

Prayer Points:
  • Over 4,000 villages in the Dominican Republic have no evangelical witness. The JESUS Film teams request prayer for strength and wisdom to know in which towns to show the film.
  • Pray for more team leaders as well as pastors for new Preaching Points.
“I have been addicted to drugs for over 30 years! I unsuccessfully tried many programs to abandon my addiction. I accepted an invitation to watch the JESUS film in my neighborhood and realized Christ was the only answer to my drug addiction. I went forward for prayer, asking God to forgive my sins and cleanse my heart. God is taking away my desire for drugs! I want to live for Him the rest of my life."  --Carlos, 51-years-old

April 8 - 14


Prayer Points:
  • Nicaraguan JESUS Film teams request your prayer for good health and safety when traveling in areas of unrest.
    Nicaragua has faced recent political and social unrest. Pray for the JESUS Film teams' message of peace to penetrate hearts and lives.
  • Recent volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes brought many to think about eternity. Pray these new believers will grow strong in their faith and remain true to God. 
Jose's testimony: “I lost many jobs because I was an irresponsible heavy drinker and smoker. I felt rejected and abandoned by everyone. I was hungry and sick. I tried to stop my bad habits, but couldn’t on my own. I realized I needed Christ in my life after watching the film. Jesus forgave my sins and cleansed my heart. I praise God for the strength He has given me to stop drinking and smoking!"

April 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for safety and for God to open doors as the teams travel to show the JESUS film. 
  • Children comprise more than half the population of Honduras, with the majority living in poverty. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to connect with these needy children.
“My husband and I were separated due to his infidelity. When the JESUS film was shown in my town, I saw how Jesus forgave those who treated Him badly. I then looked at my husband differently and had compassion and love for him. I realized he was also watching the JESUS film and crying. We both asked Jesus to forgive our sins! We now happily serve God together.” --Noemy

April 22 - 30

El Salvador

Prayer Points:
  • Evangelical Christians in El Salvador are growing at nearly double the annual global rate - praise God!
  • El Salvador is shifting to a heavily urban population. Pray for teams to creatively reach the millions of people residing in cities.
  • Pray for the many youth who are involved with gangs to be reached with the JESUS film.
New believer in El Salvador, 45-years-old: “I was the oldest of nine children. Growing up, my father was an alcoholic and would come home late, only to beat my mother! When I was nine-years-old, I decided to work and provide for our family, so my mother could leave our father. My family was grateful when the life of Christ was shown in our town. We asked Jesus to forgive our sins and want to always live for Him.”