Pray for Mesoamerica teams to be light in the darkness - MAY



Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
Colossians 3:12 (NIV)


Praise God for the 294 teams serving in Mesoamerica!


map   May 1 - 7

   Teams: 6 | Team members: 49 | Languages: 2




Prayer Points:

  • Teams are working in urban areas with great spiritual needs. Many people face poverty, drug addictions, and despair. Pray teams can be light in the darkness to share God's compassion, love, and care.
  • Next month, Nazarene mission teams will be working with evangelistic and other ministries in Puerto Rico to plant churches, host medical clinics, and serve communities. Pray this is a fruitful time where many are impacted by the gospel.
  • Pray for Puerto Ricans as they continue to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane María. 

Team report: "We screened the JESUS film in a populated area. Many children brought their parents because they wanted to see the movie. We thank God for rescuing Don Manuel through this showing. He was touched by the Lord and professed his faith with tears in his eyes. Manuel told us he needed the Lord in this pandemic. God has started to do great things in this place. We long to plant a new church, and pray this effort will bear fruit."


   May 8 - 14

   Teams: 11 | Team members: 66 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Teams request prayer for strength and discernment as they work in gang territory and many cities without any churches. Praise God for the 119 Preaching Points planted last year, and lift up the 130 more planned in strategic locations this year!
  • More than half of the population are children, and the streets are full of orphans who get pulled into the gang or sex trade lifestyle out of desperation. Pray that the Church will reach out to these desperate children and that God would use His people to comfort those hurting across Honduras.

"I thank God for the church. They have brought food to our home. In these days of crisis, it means a lot. Not only did they bring us food, but they also showed us the path to salvation through the EvangeCube. I decided to give my life to Jesus. I want to be a better person." —María in Honduras


   May 15 - 21

   Teams: 36 | Team members: 233 | Languages: 7




Prayer Points:

  • Teams request prayer for God to open doors and guide them as they share the gospel in hard-to-reach places and in challenging weather conditions.
  • Pray for a rapid decline in violence and the alarmingly high murder rate. May God's peace become deeply rooted in hearts and lives across Guatemala.
  • Pray for unity, reconciliation, and forgiveness between the different political, ethnic, and religious groups in Guatemala

Elisabeth's testimony: "I had many problems with my husband and children. I didn't know what to do. I asked the church for help and the JESUS Film team visited us with the EvangeCube. At first, I thought it was childish, but as they progressed with each image, something told me, "This is what you need." When the pastor finished sharing, I told him I wanted Jesus in my life. My family conflicts haven't ended, but now I have peace in the midst of the storm. I am hopeful that soon my family will make the same decision. Today I have changed because Jesus directs my heart and emotions."


   May 22 - 31

   Teams: 15 | Team members: 62 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Teams will receive additional training on evangelism and LightStreams this month. Pray that participants can think creatively and capitalize on new technology to find ways to share the gospel and discipleship materials.
  • Pray alongside team #4: "that God gives us strength, wisdom, and encouragement when we are discouraged."
  • A long-standing battle with cults and spiritist groups is challenging the Church. Pray for churches to effectively disciple their congregants and to see biblical lifestyle changes as a result.

"I had distanced myself from God for many reasons, but as time went on, I felt empty. I was running errands one day and took the bus when I ran into my friend Isaac. He told me he has been serving God on a JESUS Film team and texted me some audio files about heaven as well as clips of the JESUS film. After listening and watching, I decided to make a turn in my life and accepted Christ as my Savior. I now feel fulfilled and am happy to have the gospel shared with me in a unique way." —Luz, 24-years-old