"The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”

Psalm 117:2b

God has been so faithful these past 21 years as JESUS Film Harvest Partners seeks to give every person an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ!

As we enter into a season of special gratitude, we pray you are blessed as you are blessing the 681 JESUS Film teams with your faithful prayers and support.

Save or print this email and join us in prayer for JESUS Film teams this month!

Praise God!

  • For the servant-hearted JESUS Film teams. They have shared Christ with more than 81 million evangelistic contacts over the course of the ministry!
  • For the leadership of the JFHP Board of Directors as they recently met together.
  • For the faithfulness of those who attended the Kansas City and Seattle World Challenge events last month.



Prayer Points:
  • Nigerian JESUS Film teams request prayer as they show the film to individuals who are resistant to Christ’s message of salvation.
  • Pray for Christ-led pastors to be raised to lead the churches being started by the teams.
  • JESUS Film teams show the JESUS film in 9 different languages in Nigeria. Pray these language groups will accept Christ after seeing the film in their heart language.
Kaka's Testimony: "My husband found me with another man. Because of this, my husband divorced me. I and my three children now suffer greatly without him. When the JESUS film was shown in our town, I saw Jesus forgive the woman who had committed adultery. I asked Christ to forgive my sins. He has changed me! I want to live for God the rest of my life. I have many people to ask for forgiveness because of my previous life, including my former husband."


Democratic Republic of Congo

Prayer Points:
  • Congolese JESUS Film teams request prayer for the safety of their equipment as well as protection for themselves as they show the film across their vast country.
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo has been ravaged by war and tribal factions for many decades. Pray for forgiveness and peace to rest upon these people and their country.
  • Praise God for the nearly 30,000 Congolese who have made decisions for Christ in the past year!
Testimony from Team #8: "Madame Mbwimbwi’s husband died of HIV two years ago. She suffered from multiple diseases since his death and was afraid she was also dying. She decided to kill herself since she was so sick. When the JESUS film was shown in her village, she saw Jesus heal a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. God spoke to her and said He could also heal her! She asked Jesus to forgive her sins and believes He will heal her."

NOVEMBER 15 - 21


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for the Malawi teams as they seek approval to show the film in villages where the leaders do not support the teams’ ministry.
  • Large crowds of people come to each JESUS film showing in Malawi — an average of 523 people per showing! On average, 76% of these viewers make decisions for Christ. Praise God!
  • Pray for Malawians. Most live on $313 a year, with a life expectancy of 52 years, largely due to the AIDS epidemic.
Testimony from Team #5: "53-year-old Nyachilenda came to the JESUS film showing in her village. She has nine children and seven grandchildren. She gave people false prophecies so she could receive money to feed her large family. Oftentimes her prophecies divided families and broke up marriages. When she watched the JESUS film, she gave her heart and life to Christ and confessed her wrongdoings. She asked forgiveness for her false prophecies and the suffering she created for people. She now attends church and is living for God!"

NOVEMBER 22 - 30


Prayer Points:
  • Pray for safety as the Kenya teams travel long distances by public transportation to show the film.
  • Kenya has enjoyed long-term stability, even though corruption continues to be a problem in this largely Christian nation. Pray for the leaders to desire integrity and work towards the common good.
  • Nairobi is a strategic hub for ministry in East Africa, reaching throughout the continent. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move throughout Africa through ministry begun in Kenya.
Leonard's testimony: "I took drugs which made my body smell. I was well known in my village because of this. No one wanted to marry me, let alone be near me. When the JESUS film was shown in my village and I saw Christ’s sacrifice for me on the cross, I could not hold back my tears. I asked God to forgive my sins and live in my heart. I no longer take drugs and want to live for Christ the rest of my life!"