Reaching the Remote

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Dear Friends & Partners,

Most people would run the opposite direction of organized crime gangs and guerrilla groups who are battling for control over an area.

But Miguel and Manuel aren’t most people. Milton, Colombia JESUS Film Country Coordinator refers to them as “the most passionate pastors.” As respective members of Colombia JESUS Film teams #2 and #5, they are taking the gospel by boat to the northern and southern areas of Colombia.


Colombia teams


These remote communities are submerged in the drug trafficking conflict, and have been completely abandoned by the government and other institutions. Miguel and Manuel’s teams frequently face checkpoints with these armed groups as they courageously enter communities by boat, share the JESUS film, and disciple new believers. Milton said, “The gospel is something incredibly valuable and full of hope for these people sunk in violence, corruption, and poverty.”

He added, “They are immensely thankful because not even the government or the traditional church are able to reach their community. They value the teams’ sacrifice of traveling all the way to their homes.”

So far, Colombia teams #2 and #5 have planted several churches, but they are just getting started! You can help them continue this momentum by partnering with them. Would you consider making this a "$30 Thursday" by giving $30 or more today?



Reaching the most remote people and places with the Good News of Jesus is not easy. However, God has given these teams wisdom, commitment, and creativity to make His name known in every corner of Colombia. Thank you for prayerfully considering helping these teams continue as fishers of men!

You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director
JESUS Film Harvest Partners

P.S. No amount is insignificant! If you give and we collectively raise $15,000, this equates to a whole year of funding. Each dollar will help encourage and support these passionate evangelists.