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Submitted by Joy Forney on Tue, 12/15/2020 - 18:08


Cherished Friends and Partners,

The past year has been wrought with challenge and uncertainty on a global level that hasn’t been experienced for generations. But God is still God, and He is not quarantined! He is faithful and we need not be shaken!

Let me introduce you to Steve and Vanessa, two incredible and unshakable Harvest Partners! May their story be a blessing and an encouragement to you as it has been to me.

You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director
JESUS Film Harvest Partners

U  N  S  H  A  K  A  B  L  E



One spouse having cancer is difficult. Both spouses battling the disease is grueling. Add an unexpected career transition and global pandemic to the mix and most people would find it too much to bear.

Despite these circumstances, Steve and Vanessa Renaud consider themselves extremely blessed.

They have responded to these difficulties by declaring their eyes are fixed on Jesus. Vanessa explained,


"We will not be shaken.

We will not be weakened." 


The Renauds, longtime Harvest Partners in Houston, Texas, are quick to describe how Satan has tried (and failed) to make them depressed.

They feel grateful to know Christ and praise God for healing them – both Steve and Vanessa are now in remission. They feel the problems they have faced pale in comparison to those hungry for the Truth.

"Jesus molds us through what we endure. He didn’t promise we wouldn’t have sickness, strife, or problems. There are so many people who don’t know Him and don’t have that security."


Partnering with JESUS Film Harvest Partners,

especially during the pandemic, has provided another

opportunity for the Renauds to show God's love to others.


"We haven't been affected like so many people, and the Lord is expecting us to do something about it," Steve said.

He considers their giving like a conduit. “The Lord blesses my employer, my employer blesses me, and then we get to pass it along. The Bible talks about storing up your treasure in heaven and not on earth. This is our way of doing that.”




Vanessa said they have continued to support JESUS Film teams, even in uncertain times, because "there is nothing more important in this life than being a witness for Christ and telling people about heaven."

She added, "I might reach a few people at the store or the McDonald’s drive-through, but I can’t reach all the people JESUS Film teams reach.”

The Renauds recognize "the world is in turmoil." They may not be able to change that, but are inspired by JESUS Film teams "going to dangerous places and sharing the eternal security found in Jesus."

Steve said, "[Teams] are the tip of the spear.
We’re just holding it.
That’s our mission, to hold them up.
We have the easy part."

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