Praise God for the 29,194 believers discipled last month! - MARCH



Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17 (ESV)


Praise God for the 29,194 believers discipled last month!


map   March 1 - 7

   Teams: 19 | Team members: 53 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Pray for El Salvadorian JESUS Film teams to find safe and creative ways to reach troubled youth, many of whom have turned to gangs and violence.
  • Praise God for team #13's comments on the past year of ministry: "The film was widely accepted by people and served as an evangelistic strategy for many to come to the feet of Christ!"
  • Teams request prayer as they address the confusion caused by false teachers in El Salvador. Pray God provides strong spiritual leaders for Preaching Points and churches.

"I belonged to a gang and used drugs. I was tired of this lifestyle but didn't know what to do. A JESUS Film team member sent me nine audios about heaven. They shocked me, so I asked to meet with the team. They told me how Jesus suffered for my sins. That day I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My soul needed peace and I have found it in God. I am a new person." —Saul, 25-years-old


   March 8 - 14

   Teams: 37 | Team members: 397 | Languages: 2




Prayer Points:

  • Pray for JESUS Film teams to help others find both spiritual and physical solutions to economic instability and high crime rates. Pray for God's peace and the truth of the gospel to penetrate the darkness of this country.
  • Venezuela is currently one of the least-church-going nations in Latin America. Pray for the Holy Spirit to reignite the church. 
  • COVID-19 is at its peak in Venezuela, with over 2,300 infections reported each day. Pray for the number of cases to decrease and for medical facilities to not be overwhelmed.

Ali's testimony: "I was addicted to drugs. At first, when they started showing the evangelism movies in my house, I didn't go out to see them. I locked myself in my room, upset that my brother invited these people to our house. Then, as I heard the biblical messages from my room, they spoke directly to my life. I began to watch them, and now I am being renewed by the Lord. Jesus gave His life for me and forgave me! Now I accompany my brother to church every Sunday, where I feel peace."


   March 15 - 21

   Teams: 13 | Team members: 39 | Languages: 10




Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for the 19,897 decisions for Christ and 165 Preaching Points established in Burkina Faso last year! Pray for the growth of these new believers and church plants: in spiritual depth, numbers, and cultural influence. 
  • Teams are sharing the Good News in areas of great danger, at times facing opposition from terrorist groups and radical religions. Pray for the teams to stay safe and courageous as they seize every opportunity to share Christ's love.

Team report: "The villagers we visited are animists and worship ancestors. We longed for them to have God’s peace and joy in their hearts, so we brought the testimony of Christ, the Savior of the world. Part of the population committed their lives to Jesus and the peace of God came to this village! We pray these new believers will be a witness to others in the community. May God's name be lifted up everywhere in the earth."


   March 22 - 31

   Teams: 19 | Team members: 66 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Praise: Panama teams report that 2021 "was a pretty intense year due to the pandemic and restrictions. But this did not stop our passion to go the extra mile. We continue working for the Kingdom of Heaven and presenting Christ through the JESUS film!"
  • Teams are working in communities where many men and women of all ages face alcoholism. Pray these people can find freedom through the gospel from the chains of addiction.

Team report: "When we first encountered 15-year-old Jorge, he was very timid, fearful, and disinterested. Little by little, he integrated into the church. He made a prayer of faith and reconciled with the Lord. He is in our discipleship group, and we pray for God to transform his entire family."