Bearing each other's burdens - JULY



Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2 (ESV)


Last month, 960 teams worked in communities around the world,

helping 563,700 people make decisions for Christ!


map   July 1 - 7

   Teams: 13 | Team members: 82 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Last year, Ecuador teams helped 13,674 people make decisions for Christ! Pray for God to raise up leaders who can shepherd these new believers and serve as Kingdom-building leaders in their country.
  • Pray for God's presence to be deeply known and rooted in Ecuadorian families that are affected by ongoing wars on the border of Ecuador and Colombia. Pray also for government leaders to be committed to justice and addressing difficult social issues.

Isabel's testimony: "The moment I accepted Jesus, my whole life changed. I was healed from all illnesses, and I saw a miracle in my husband, who also decided to look for Jesus. Today, my home has been restored by the love of Jesus. I wish to serve God from now on."


   July 8 - 14

   Teams: 10 | Team members: 71 | Languages: 13




Prayer Points:

  • This year, Ghana teams plan to do "non-stop soul-winning." Pray their eternal harvest is great, and one that continues to multiply across West Africa.
  • Ghanaians under the age of 15, representing over 40% of the nation's population, are spiritually open and when reached could have a profound impact on the church. Pray for teams to make powerful connections with youth.
  • Teams reported how "membership increased at each local church, even during the pandemic." Praise God!

Blessing's testimony: "My life has been miserable. I grew proud because I have more money than my husband does. My parents were wealthy, and I became even more disrespectful because of that. I even abandoned my husband and two children four years ago. However, tonight my story has changed. With tears, I confessed my sins. God is merciful and forgiving. I thought I was enjoying life but today I see I was wrong. Jesus can forgive anyone. I have the assurance that I am free from the guilt and shame caused by sins. I have decided to return to my husband and children with repentance."


   July 15 - 21

   Teams: 22 | Team members: 212 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Praise God for the 271 Preaching Points established in the last year. Pray for the precious people attending these church plants to grow in spiritual maturity and be a blessing to their communities.
  • Pray that young Argentinians have a vision of a hopeful future — abundant life in Christ and far from drugs.
  • Pray for JESUS Film teams to partner with the local church to spiritually and economically support the 500,000 Argentinians living in slums.

Team report: "Ignacio is a young man who was addicted to drugs. His drug problem caused his wife to leave him. One day, a friend brought him to our small group meeting. Upon seeing the JESUS film, he accepted Christ as his Savior. He stopped consuming drugs, and God gave him a new opportunity with his wife. Today, their marriage testifies to the power of God."


   July 22 - 31

   Teams: 23 | Team members: 174 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Several members of Liberia team #5 were in a major motorbike accident while traveling home from showing the JESUS film. Pray for a smooth recovery and for God to continue to use these difficult circumstances for His glory.
  • The church in Liberia is largely located in the city, meaning the majority of Liberians live in rural areas without access to sound Biblical teaching. Pray the Holy Spirit equips teams and fellow believers to reach the unreached with His love.
  • Pray for healing from the terrible pain caused by two civil wars and the rebuilding that must occur in this impoverished nation.

James' testimony: "Earlier today, two guys visited and told me the story of creation. It really touched me and caught my attention, so I decided to come to the film. I confess that I am the most wicked person in this town; I have stolen from many people's farms. Each time I stole, I felt happy and thought I am the smartest person on Earth. However, I learned through the film that I have it backward. The tax collector cheated many people, confessed, and Jesus even forgave him. Tonight, I thank God for giving me a second chance. I entrust my life to Jesus to make me a better person."