God of all comfort — NOVEMBER 2022

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of mercies and God of all comfort...
2 Corinthians 1:3 (ESV)


"We want to say a big thank you to every hand, mind, and heart
that has contributed physically, spiritually, and financially!"
— Adamu, Ghana JESUS Film team #9 —

map   November 1 - 7

  Teams: 3 | Team members: 15 | Languages: 6




Prayer Points:

  • Praise: 100% of new Ugandan believers have received discipled in the last five years! Pray for this discipleship to multiply, as the church needs biblically sound older men and women who can disciple and mentor the younger ones.
  • Pray for more Ugandans to meet Jesus and receive physical and emotional healing.
    Pray for the courage and safety of Christian converts from a radical religion who are now sharing the gospel.

Team report: "We showed the JESUS film in a village and thought no one was going to attend. On the first day, only 18 people showed up. By the fourth day, 40 people watched! We did follow-up discipleship and met John, who received Jesus in his heart. He said he feels peace in his heart. He attended church and testified that he is now a child of God and will continue worshipping with us."



   November 8 - 14

   Teams: 20 | Team members: 120 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the teams who are bringing the Good News by foot and by boat in the vast Amazon region. More than 60% of Peruvian territory is covered by the Amazon rainforest, more than in any other country. Pray for JESUS Film teams to have Kingdom breakthroughs as they minister to the lost, lonely, and hurting.
  • Pray for a return to peace and stability in Peru after decades of corruption, dictatorships, and terror. Ask God to bring justice and righteousness to the crushed and oppressed.

"I have been having a very difficult time after my daughter was murdered. Thanks to the JESUS Film team sharing God's Word, I now feel calmer. I have security and know God loves me and takes care of me." —Juana, 62 years old



   November 15 - 21

  Teams: 3 | Team members: 10 | Languages: 1




Prayer Points:

  • Pray for more JESUS Film teams and Christian workers in the rural areas where refugees are returning after years of political horror.
  • Praise God for the 39 Preaching Points formed in the last year! Pray for the seeds planted to produce strong Christian leaders in the midst of fragile peace in Burundi.
  • Over 90% of Burundians identify as Christian, but syncretism and false teachings have subverted the truth of the gospel. Pray for a deep hunger for God and His Word in the church.

Goleth's testimony: "For a long time, I did not realize there is a God who could save me. I watched the JESUS film and was touched by the crucifixion of Jesus. I realized He gave his life for me. My sins are forgiven! I am born again and will always praise my Savior!"



   November 22 - 30

   Teams: 4 | Team members: 21 | Languages: 2




Prayer Points:

  • Uruguay has the most secular society in South America. Pray for all religious deceptions to be exposed and the demonic powers behind them to be defeated.
  • The country's rates of depression, suicide, abortion, and divorce are some of the highest on the continent. Pray that Uruguayans who have not yet heard the gospel would be given that opportunity and be open to accepting the truth of Christ. Pray for the Lord, through His Church, to radically transform Uruguayan society for His glory.

Team report: "In the middle of the pandemic, we held Bible studies and shared film clips via Zoom. Jonathan attended these virtual gatherings, and after seeing the Magdalena film short about freedom, he dedicated his life to God. He now has peace and unity in his family. Today, he and his wife are being discipled."