Our Prayers Do Make a Difference!

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“Our prayers may be awkward
Our attempts may be feeble
But since power of prayer is in
The One who hears it
And not in the one who says it
Our prayers do make a difference.”

Max Lucado

Dear Friends & Partners,

"Father, thank you for another day."

These simple yet powerful words, spoken by a JESUS Film team member, give our mighty God all the glory. What a powerful thing to pray as we begin and end our days. 

I am honored to share a special video with you, which shows a day in the life of Fransisco, this team member in Guatemala.

The words you will hear are a prayer, shared with us by Fransisco. The faces you will see are the people of that area who Fransisco's team impacts each day.

Take a look...


Each month, JESUS Film teams in 54 countries report back to the ministry with testimonies and prayer requests. Last year, JESUS Film teams sent in more than 7,000 reports chronicling their experiences.

They saw God heal, redeem, and restore. They stayed the course despite persecution and long journeys.

Will you join me and Fransisco in praying today: Father, thank you for another day.

You are loved.


Brian Helstrom
Executive Director

Encourage and support Fransisco & the 3,000+ team members who use each day to glorify God.

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